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Pied Avocet of the UK and Ireland The Pied Avocet is a medium-sized, graceful wading bird that inhabits the coastal areas of the UK. Fewer of these birds inhabit Ireland. Avocets, who are sociable birds, inhabit saltwater areas that include the coast, estuaries, mudflats, sandbanks and saltmarshes. Inland saltwater lakes and brackish pools are also occupied.

The avocet (Recurvirostra avosetta) is the emblem of the RSPB. The bird had been extinct in Britain for a long time because of habitat loss and persecution by egg collectors, but it made a return in the and has since seen a huge increase in numbers

Bert Jansch - Avocet

In observance of Bert Jansch's passing yesterday, I think it's fitting to feature what's probably my favorite Bert Jansch album, Avo. The iconic Withnail coat worn by #RichardEGrant in #BruceRobinson 's #Withnail&I designed by Andrea Galer in Original Harris Tweed.

Replica of the iconic Withnail coat worn by Richard E Grant and designed by Andrea Galer.

Paul McGann & Richard E Grant  - Withnail and I 1987

Paul McGann & Richard E Grant - Withnail and I 1987 - Great film - Last scene? Just before Grant's final, brilliantly delivered, speech.

amazon mother, I want to take photos like this!

“ Flagrant the Indian mother breastfeeding her child adorned with paintings and ornaments typical of his tribe. The real owners of Brazil, a country of many races. These Indians are members of the.

Illustration for Hamlet by John Austen (1922) -Looks like the same artist who did the cover of Gabor Szabo's dreams album

John Austen - Hamlet, 1922 - The 1922 edition of Hamlet “decorated” by British artist (British Austen’s Hamlet is often rated as his chef d’oeuvre.