The beautiful Finnish Lapland

2013 - sitting by the fire watching the sunset in the beautiful Finnish Lapland. This is my own photo

black painted sauna

black painted sauna, love the towels.

Vasta vai vihta?

/Birch whisk used in sauna Toivakka Kuva/Photo: Maalla…

A traditional Finnish way to improve your health! Get a sauna, and gently beat your friends with branches of a birch tree!

Winter swimming in Finland

Would you dare?

Swimming, Winter swimming in Finland

Who would have guessed?! ...*No wonder I love coffee! Must be in my genes!

Finns have coffee breaks written in their employment contracts. Finns take coffee seriously!


Interior design for Housing fairs in Kokkola 2011 // Deko // Susanna Vento // photography Kristiina Kurronen //

Roll in the snow after or during sauna...eeek! (But it's FUN!)

super funny hilarious pictures of hamobile sauna Super Funny Stuff Mobile Sauna in Russia

Finnish winter~

The quiet solitude of a Finnish winter. With Christmas pudding and plum pie. Ah, the joys of living

Tampere, Finland. The most traditional looking sauna pic.

Sauna cottage in Finland; photo by Jef Maion

Finnish way of living

Sisu begins where resilience and perseverance run out. Sisu is the second wave of the mental stamina and integrity. It´s the very resource of mental strength which enables action in a ultimate circumstances.

Sauna in Finland

Living in Finland (Living in. Series) by Tim Bird

'Victory in Lapland', Finnish soldiers setting up a Finnish flag on the Norwegian border. Lapland War 1945.

'Victory in Lapland', Finnish soldiers setting up a Finnish flag on the Norwegian border. Lapland War Proud to be Finnish!

Winter Sauna

Winter sauna at sundown.

Suomalainen sauna.

A traditional Finnish sauna is rustic and an earthbounded place with less of those palace looking and feeling interiors.

Learning the Finnish language is like

Learning the Finnish language is like

I'm learning Finnish at school.