Kara Kuumana: Palautteesta päivän pelastus

Plucked From The News. When four police officers in Spanish Fork, Utah arrived at the scene of a partially submerged flipped car in an ice-cold river they heard a woman’s begging cries for help.

Kara Kuumana: Suutari pysyköön lestissään

A ton of people audition for almost every voice over role. Here, we offer some voice over tips that'll help you stand out from the crowd.

Kara Kuumana: Kilpailukykymme perustuu pitkään kokemukseen

Good evening from the Lifestyle Support Guru! I don't consider myself sexist as a general rule (except where the Welsh…

Kara Kuumana: Ottakaa varas kiinni

This article explains the danger of stress and how to tackle it using combat breathing technique (that is being used by SWAT and other special forces)

Kara Kuumana: Mistä innostus syntyy?

For toasting wedding wines, you will want to choose a wine that is of great quality.