country house sauna with Burton Burton Burton Flemming and Pearl Liu Grinsteinner Barley

Kelo Timber Sauna Using dead pine Kelo timber this stunning sauna is available from Prestige Saunas

Sauna anti-room: change clothes here, keep towels here, cool off here


A little cabin in the woods. I know it's not a tree house, but it is in the woods.

The Studded Hearts mood board posts brings together the best curation of the latest inspirational images in a large image based post.

You can actually own a hobbit hole O. / We design and build a very limited number of custom, adult sized Hobbit Hole "cottages". They are typically for customers who want a Hobbit Hole built to house-quality standards, designed for.

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A traditional Finnish smoke sauna (savusauna) made out of logs in Oulu Province, Finland.

Linen Bathrobe, via Fine Little Day, by Anu Leinonen and Lapuan Kankurit Oy.

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Weltevree is a Dutch product label, with a passion for usable design products. Weltevree develops and produces authentic design products for the living environment like the Dutchtub by Floris Schoonderbeek and the Stonestove by Dick van Hoff.