Iittala Aalto salmon pink vase. Alvar Aalto Collection Iitala

Iittala Aalto salmon pink vase, also comes in an elegant tall version too, so beautiful.

ittala Ultima Thule

I like my Ultima Thule bowl and glasses (larger than this one in the picture) . ---- Iittala - Products - Drinking - Special drinks - d. on-the-rocks 28 cl

Aalto Oak Serving Platter by Iittala

iittala Aalto Oak Serving Tray / Cutting Board iittala honors artist Alvar Aalto with a wonderful collection of products inspired by his work. Modeled after the iconic Alvar Aalto vase, this tray possesses the same sensuous lines. The tray is made .

ittala Ultima Thule

Iittala - Products - Drinking - Special drinks - Highball 38 cl - love it!