karikaija Asikainen

karikaija Asikainen

karikaija Asikainen
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Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage | Lymphatic Massage Benefits

Lymphatic massage is used in facial treatments to reduce congestion & puffiness. It is also effective in decreasing swelling & bruising from cosmetic surgery, liposuction, breast reduction …

Massage this point for 45 seconds: What will happen to your body will leave you speechless!

This massage can do wonders for your health. It can help you relieve stress, headache and disrupted sleep. Find the point between your eyebrows on the forehead. Massage the point for 45 seconds. Stimulating this point will improve your blood flow, reduce

The Belly Fat Blog: Infographic: Shrink Your Belly in 14 Days

I love ball exercises. Shrink Your Belly In 14 Days Routine will firm and flatten you from all angles in just 2 weeks. Amp up results using a combination of ball exercises with high-energy cardio and simple calorie-cutting tips. In 2 weeks, you could lose

A 3-Minute Workout That Burns Belly Fat

A Workout That Burns Belly Fat Fire up your abs in just three minutes with this high-intensity workout, designed by BFX Studio trainer Bianca Vesco to raise your heart rate and burn belly fat while building sexy definition.