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a large brown bear standing in the middle of a forest filled with tall grass and trees
Avara luonto - Villi Pohjola (1/6) - Suomi
two people sitting on the ground in the woods with one person holding a tree stump
Ulos luontoon - Kevätseuranta (1/5) Muuttolinnut 2014 - YouTube
the weather activities are great for kids to play with
25+ Weather Activities for Preschool
21 great ideas to use when teaching a preschool weather theme. Hands-on activities that are FUN! Would be great for other ages too!
a small black and white bird perched on a tree
Great Spotted Woodpecker
Käpytikka ja muitakin lintuja
a yellow and purple flower with a bee sitting on it's back end in the middle
Vuodenajat: Kesä (13 min.) 1-4 lk.
a snake that is laying on the ground
Lämmitellään yhdessä
Lämmitellään yhdessä (käärme + hynteiset, hämähäkit, luteet) (video 1:22).
a green caterpillar crawling on top of a wooden stick
Ihmeelliset eläimet 1 - video (8 min.) 1-4 lk.
moss growing on the ground with yellow flowers
Ulos luontoon - Kevätseuranta (4/5) Kevään kuhinaa 2014 - YouTube
a brown bear sitting on top of a tree branch in front of some tall trees
Eläimet talvella 1/6
Open ideat: Eläimet talvella 1/6
some red and green leaves are in the foreground with blue sky in the background
Vuodenajat: Syksy - video (13 min.) 1-4 lk.
the seasons of the year coloring page
Seasons of the Year Freebie
The would be a fun activity to incorporate as a review. Students can choose a color or draw a picture for each season, describe the weather or a favorite activity for each season, and write specific special days for each season.
a coloring page with christmas pictures on it
Marci fejlesztő és kreatív oldala: 2. osztály
a circle with different types of animals on it