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Karoliina Kärkkäinen

Karoliina Kärkkäinen
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DecoranticArt: Ertè

"La rose au pollen de diamants" (The Rose with Diamond Pollen) by Erte 1928 illustrations was prepared by Erté to accompany "Le Mystere Des Pierreries" - translated literally as "The Mystery of Precious Stones" - by Albert Flament.

Ayurveda KAPHA - Fruits to favor! More Kapha Tips: http://www.foodpyramid.com/ayurveda/kapha-dosha/ #kapha #dosha #ayurveda

Fruits that pacify Kapha will generally be somewhat astringent and only mildly sweet. To help ensure optimal digestion, fruits and fruit juices are best enjoyed alone - 30 minutes before, and ideally at least 1 hour after, any other food.

I'm Kapha. Take the quiz to see what you should eat for your Ayurvedic Dosha Body type!

Kapha Body Type Meal Plan- It's funny. I found this today after cutting out all dairy, most sweets, and large amounts of meat a couple months ago. I have been loosing a lot of weight recently. I was doing this all by myself for my body type.