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cover the outside with cut wood circles so the grayed cedar wont look too bad

Persoonallinen sauna                                                                                                                                                      More

In my dreams- sauna for frosty winter nights

Large and expansive. The Sauna with a view. Every Sauna should have a view.–Lehmonkärki resort, in the land of a thousand lakes.

Land of a thousand lakes - winter magic in Lahti, Finland

A sauna at Lehmonkärki resort, Finland.

Kohde 21 Meriharakka Tulikivi Sumu -kiuas

And any of these spectacular saunas would be hard to leave.

Sauna boathouse

Like a diving bell, you could force people to swim in resulting in a forced shower or, if you are in a populated area, you get privacy but no place to cool off. Would need a floating change room too.

Täyttä elämää

Low EMF Infrared Sauna - Advantages & Available Models

Vanhan pukuhuoneen muovimatot revittiin pois ja paneelit maalattiin valkoisiksi. Valkoisesta tulee puhdas tunnelma.

Tunnelmallinen rantamaja, jossa tehostevärinä on käytetty mustaa

MEILLÄ KOTONA SUOSITTELEE  Niskatyynyt, paikka polttopuille

There is something very special about Finnish sauna. I love sauna, everything about it.

Hylly saunaan

idea for shelving around clawfoot tub

539f75daedafe4d816bfe0254d04a015.jpg (375×500)

539f75daedafe4d816bfe0254d04a015.jpg (375×500)

sauna by varpunen.

Love the kippa.

My childhood sauna memories. Rustic with enamel equipment, linen towels. Cabin 100 years of age refurnished |Satavuotiaan hirsimökin remontti | Meidän Mökki

My childhood sauna memories. Rustic with enamel equipment, linen towels.