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Karolina Östman

Karolina Östman
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150916catbed01.jpg 640×548 ピクセル

Cat bed - cat cave - cat house - eco-friendly handmade felted wool cat bed - natural white - made to order This is cozy and comfortable bed for your

Pet bed cat cave cat house dog bed handmade wool by kadabros

Pet bed - cat cave - cat house - dog bed - handmade wool cat bed - eco - grey - white - brown - Easter day gift by Kadabros

Cat bed/ cat house/cat cave/felted cat bed - Sleepy cat! - pinned by pin4etsy.com For Eric

Cat Bed Cat House Cat Cave Felted Cat Bed - "Sleepy cat" Cat lover gift by Indre Naujokiene

Felted cat cave “Cat sleeps” |

100 % wool and handmade felt cat bed. Making cat house I used only soap and water. In this cat bed pet will feel safe and cat cave has a tail which will serve a

9 Fun Felted Cat Cave Beds on Etsy http://www.floppycats.com/9-fun-felted-cat-cave-beds-on-etsy.html

Check out these 9 fun felted cat cave beds by talented and creative Etsy sellers.

Cat Shelves - because everybody needs a cat shelf!

If you don’t have room for cat towers, or just don’t like their aesthetic, cat shelves are a great alternative. The cat shelves double as modern art.