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a white bench sitting next to a wall covered in sheered curtaining on top of a cement floor
COS x snarkitecture turn milan's spazio erbe into a cavernous fabric retreat
drawing from the technical lightness and luminescence of the COS spring summer 15' collection, snarkitecture transform the space through the methodical layering of white fabric that hangs from the ceiling to the floor.
a single line drawing of a bicycle
Picasso Inspired Bike Drawing
Picasso Inspired Bike Drawing - The Paceline Forum
two people sitting back to back, one holding the other
"Did you know that if you switch the first two vowels of 'Olive" it becomes 'I Love'?" - Olive, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee
some old cameras are shown in black and white
Drawing + Illustration
Graphite Camera Drawings by Christine Berrie - 20x200 (from $60)
a black and white drawing of a woman's face with her eyes closed to the side
quibe's Store | Society6
Kiss by Quibe - art print
an abstract drawing with lines in the shape of waves and a bird flying over it
a line drawing of a man's face
quibe's Store | Society6
Close | by Quibe
an elephant's head is shown in black and white, with one line drawn across it
quibe's Store | Society6
Line drawing 8: Another great example of how a line drawing can be simple but also well defined.