Global Lundia

Lundia is sold all over the world! Get a look & feel of the brand! All pictures are found via Statigram/instagram. Enjoy!
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Room Kitted out with Lundia Shelving
Lundia tilanjakajana.
Work station, two-colored, by Lundia.
Image: Three x 380 Cubox's on castors and fitted with a top.  Cubox is available in these colours and finishes:  White Black Natural MDF Clear Laquer
Lundia Classic-hylly, Lundian uusin valaisin sekä Lundian kirjoituspöytä ja laatikosto
Lundia Fuuga for bedroom
Lundia bookcase, to die for!
Painted house on the wall and shelf above play cute! (children play room ideas)
Lundia uusix.

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