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Nash Grier *Not lyrics, or a band...but he sings in a few of his vines, haha ;) Minions, Mocha Cupcakes, Hayes Grier, Chocolate Mocha, Brent Rivera, Magcon Boys, Cameron Dallas, Man Crush, Shawn Mendes
Nash Grier *Not lyrics, or a band...but he sings in a few of his vines, haha ;)
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Nash Grier + Cameron Dallas = Cash!!!!!!! I LOVE THEM SO MUCH<3 @cheryl ng ng ng Nash Grier and @Cameron Daigle Daigle Daigle Daigle Dallas<3 :)
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Please stop posting Nash and Cam to this board, it's a board for 1D not them. Post it to their own board
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Nash Grier is the biggest dork in the world but he's adorable AND HE LIKES 5SOS go check out his new YouTube video!!!
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Carter Reynolds, Nash Grier and Cameron Dallas.... Aka the BAES.!!!:)
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Carter Reynolds, Cameron Dallas, and Nash Grier <3
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Cameron Dallas and Nash Grier @Cameron Daigle Dallas @Cheryl Nash Grier
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Dan Howell
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Dan Howell danisnotonfire YouTube
My life. Comic Book, True Stories, Health Pictures, People Talk, I Can Relate, Infp, Look At You, I Smile
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My life.
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