Kulkue-kangas (valkoinen,puna,kelta,sini) | Kankaat, Puuvillakankaat | Marimekko

Ah, the people parade on cotton! It's the Kulkue fabric, by Maija Louekari for Marimekko.

Räsymatto - paksu puuvilla (valko, harmaa, musta,kelta) | Kankaat, Puuvillakankaat | Marimekko

Räsymatto -puuvillakangas valko, harmaa, musta, kelta

Tuuli- paksu puuvilla (valkoinen, musta) | Kankaat, Puuvillakankaat | Marimekko

Tuuli -puuvillakangas valkoinen, musta

Marimekko Tuuli Black / White Upholstery Fabric Tuuli, Finnish for wind, is a Marimekko upholstery pattern with black trees swaying in a storm on a white background. This gorgeous, mysteriously ominous black and white pattern was designed by Maija .

Puuvillakankaat | Kankaat | Marimekko

Puuvillakankaat | Kankaat | Marimekko

Puuvillakankaat | Kankaat | Marimekko

Bottna is a white cotton fabric from Marimekko with a black and green graphic pattern by Anna Danielsson. You can for example sew lovely curtains, oven mitts and cushion covers of the Bottna fabric.

Puuvillakankaat | Kankaat | Marimekko

Marimekko Ruusupuu Black / White / Pink Fabric The Ruusupuu Marimekko fabric was designed by Maija Isola in Ruusupuu, Finnish for "Rosewood," is expressive of her deep love of nature. She uses symmetrical, black branches against a white backg.