Katariina Joronen

Katariina Joronen

Katariina Joronen
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Ash Blonde Hair: Ash Blonde Hair Color

Ash Blonde Hair: Ash Blonde Hair Color

Perfect ash blonde root shadow

Look downright gorgeous in a flattering ash blonde hair hue. Glance through the chic ash blonde hair color shades roundup to add that extra zing to your look.

2015 Kerrang Mag.

“I want every one to stick your middle fingers in the air, and say fuck you to the mother fuckers who judge you for being you”— Andy Biersack

Andyyyyy :P

(Fc:Andy Biersack) Hey I'm Danny and I'm a fallen angel. There's not much that you need to know about me, I'm an open book so if there is something you wanna know you can just ask.


Andy Biersack Fluff: Every Scar Is A Knife Hey could you do an Andy from BVB imagine were he finds out you cut and like freaks out, gets kinda mad, is sad and he kinda like blames himself and stuff of.