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love this stuff too. always a bit pricier than vintage Pyrex unfortunately A hoard of catherineholm


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Vintage Stuff "Vegeta" enamel kettles by Esteri Tomula for Finel. Vintage utensils at their most beautiful - we had these in the house when I was growing up!

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catherineholm, pyrex, and all sorts of vintage goodies sorted by color!-----I LOVE all the vintage colors and dishes!

Sewing Room - Rainbow of Enamelware

Finally organized all the vintage housewares last night! I put all my enamelware (Cathrineholm + Dansk Kobenstyle) all together in a giant rainbow! It *almost* fit on one shelf, had to stick three pieces on the smaller one along with some of my favorite Pyrex. I love seeing this in my sewing room!

Toadstool Pot - I would love to add kitchenwares like this to my product range, i wonder if it is possible to create things like this now, due to the lack of use of enamel in cookware, it really is a nuisance to clean.

Vegeta by Esteri Tomula for Finel

Hagelstam & Co | Etusivu

Finel Finland, design Esteri Tomula, dec Vegeta

The Return of Cathrineholm. Catherineholm bowls are now being remade (in ceramic). I'm glad they went with ceramic so it will be easy to distinguish old from new while still having "the look"

New Classic: Arne Clausen Collection

Original craft and diy projects by a paper loving mid century design enthusiast.

Cathrineholm Lotus enamelware , originally uploaded by planetutopia . When I first came across Cathrineholm enamelware.

Cathrineholm Lotus enamelware

1. Cathrineholm kettle and coffee pot, 2. Cathrineholm pan, 3. Cathrineholm coffee pot, 4. Cathrineholm large pan, 5. Cathrineholm pans, 6. cathrine holm, 7. Cathrineholm Kettles, 8. cathrineholm bowl, 9. Cathrineholm coffee pot, 10. Cathrineholm frying pan, 11. Cathrineholm logo, 12. Cathrineholm milk pan, 13. Cathrineholm Kettle, 14. Cathrineholm milk pan, 15. cathrineholm bowl, 16. Cathrineholm coffee pot, 17. Cathrineholm pan, 18. Cathrineholm coffee pot, 19. Cathrineholm Kettle, 20…

Kahvikuppi show | Keltainen kahvipannu

Kahvikuppi show.

Finel | AURINGONKUKKA | Esteri Tomula

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Finel | AURINGONKUKKA | Esteri Tomula

Okay, not Pyrex, but it's pretty fabulous. I own the middle one, and it is Cathrineholm vintage enamel bakeware. I have used it several times - its sturdy and bakes everything evenly. A great thrift store find!


Ok... I already had the one on the bottom but I found the other 2 at Goodwill today. $4 each. I HAPPILY paid that much for them. They were stuck together so tight I couldn't separate them in the store... must be why they were donated, I guess... and why they've been sitting on the shelf since 5/2 (the date they were priced). But when I got home I used a little Pam and elbow grease and gently pryed them apart. Low and behold, they were in prestine, beautiful condition. I am sooooooooo…

Retro - Feather and Nest - Catherineholm coffee pots


christina.miss.creative: October 2011

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Liepun mÖkillÄ - Sisustuskuvia jäseneltä leenakarhunen - StyleRoom

kahvipannu,emalipannu,puuhella,paistinpannu,lettupannu,sininen,emaliastiat,silitysrauta,keittiö,mökki,finel,sinihilkka,unelmientalojakoti,tunnelmakuva Finland

Finelin jääkaappirasioita ja muita astioita. tori.fi

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Finelin jääkaappirasioita ja muita astioita. tori.fi

Finel värikkäät kattilat

Finel värikkäät kattilat