great way of assigning partners

Great way to randomly assign partners. Put popsicle sticks in your hand, plain side out. Have kids pick sticks and pair with the child with the matching stick.

Great free parent note to let parents know how students did that day in school! Free from Simply Kinder!

Why I Took My Behavior Chart Off My Wall

Why I Took My Behavior Chart Off My Wall! I LOVE the alternative management ideas presented here by Simply Kinder, especially this free note home to parents if needed.

Cut-out planets

Planet cut outs. Key Concepts include: Position of the Earth in the solar system Print the worksheet on card stock, cut out, and have the students put the planets in order. Students could also number the planets to demonstrate order.

What a fun way to practice and learn the alphabet: If your little one couldn't get enough of the egg hunt, he or she might LOVE this alphabet hunt. Scatter these around inside or out and then piece the alphabet back together again. Full details in the post.

Outdoor Alphabet Hunt

The LEGO Alphabet Hunt is a great rainy day learning activity for your toddler! A: Label your LEGO DUPLO bricks B: Hide them around the house C: Ready, Set, Go!


Problem Solving Wheel for Anger Management. Helpful way to provide choices to children.

Motivointi ja palkitseminen, tavoitetaulukko

Motivointi ja palkitseminen, tavoitetaulukko