Umwickelter Tannenbaum

Zawieszki choineczki (Coloured Christmas Trees) - Simple and beautiful DIY decorations using yarn/wool.

Great classroom idea for Birthdays! Therefore encourage one another and build one another up … also shows character traits

Classroom B-day idea. or just a great community builder mid-year. This is seriously one of the sweetest ideas. If there is no smartboard in your room maybe you could do it with large bulletin board paper. Then they could keep the kind words.

I'm obsessed with this teacher's blog.....I can't wait to dive into this even more this summer. So many ideas!!

love this class job includes a description of the job.great for forgetful students and substitutes :) Clothespins make it easy to change!

Aakkosjärjestyksen opettalemista ja hienomotoriikkaa! Soveltuu myös vokaalien ja konsonanttien opetteluun. Vierasperäisten kirjaimien opetteluun. Yms.

alphabet ordering using clothes pegs snd a cost hanger - and it works on fine motor skills!

Birds for the wall - something to make for Cheri?

Pattern Birds on a Wire Wall Decals

birds on a wire. inspiration for the craft room. i'm thinking black yarn for the wire and cut out paper birds

Ideas para murales, exposiciones u otros Fall craft with leaves

September Fun Fall Crafts Competition

September Fun Fall Crafts - Art with leaves! Press the leaves until they are flat and dry, then make beautiful creatures - just add pen! Use with read aloud Fall Man


Ryhmätyö on voimaa!

Siilin syyspesä, tausta painetaan esim. perunalla, murretut värit, värioppia.

Siilin syyspesä, tausta painetaan esim. perunalla, murretut värit, värioppia.

Back to School - The First Week of Middle School

Back to School for Middle School: 1 Week Tried & True Activities

This is a first week of plans for Middle school that focus on community building, going over class agreements (rules)/ procedures and group dynamic.

12928354_10209250819137505_326680524977077366_n.jpg (418×960)

12928354_10209250819137505_326680524977077366_n.jpg (418×960)