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Finnhorse stallion Voiveikko. Palomino is a rare color of Finnhorses
Finnhorse mare Vekselin Viri. Finnhorse is the only indigenous horse breed in Finland. It has done everything in Finland: it has been a draft horse for agriculture and forestry, it has worked in war and now it is the fastest coldblood trotter breed and a nice riding and driving horse. Chestnut with flaxen mane and tail is the traditional color, blacks, bays, palominos, roans, silvers and grays are quite rare.
Finnhorse stallions of four different types: a) Trotter type, b) Riding horse type, c) Pony-sized type, d) Draught horse type
Finnhorse stallion Eino, born in 1888
The black Finnhorse stallion Kuningas Ässä doing dressage
A rare black Finnhorse stallion Silvolan Hemminki
Finnhorse stallion Kospel
Finnhorse - stallion Jaime
Finnhorse stallion Veksaus. Looks like a black but can't be one. Both its sire and dam are chestnuts. Veksaus has also sired 11 foals and all of them are chestnuts (dams are chestnuts, except one which is bay). If Veksaus was black, at least 50% of its foals out of chestnut mares would be blacks or bays.
Trotter-type Finnhorse stallion Juppe Hoo