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a black and white photo of a geometrical object hanging from the side of a building
Tavallista arkea
Himmeli, pillihimmeli, straw himmeli,askarteluidea, jouluaskartelu, muovipilleistä
a black star sitting on top of a white shelf
Tavallista arkea
Tavallista arkea, paperitähti
two black and white geometric objects sitting on a table
Tavallista arkea
Himmeli geometric sculpture.
there are three eggs with flowers in them and one has grass growing out of it
DIY | Munankuoret kipsistä
DIY | Munankuoret kipsistä
two black and white balls with the words lamppallot in front of them
DIY | Lankapallot
DIY | Lankapallot
DIY Homemade star, Christmas Decoration. There are all sorts of great Christmas crafts on this site Diy Decor, Painted Sticks, Crafts To Do, Diy Projects To Try, Rustic Christmas Crafts
Estrella de yute para decorar tu Navidad - Guía de MANUALIDADES
DIY Homemade star, Christmas Decoration. There are all sorts of great Christmas crafts on this site
some jars with lights on them are sitting on the stairs and one is lit up
Solar Light Crafts: Ideas & Inspiration!
DIY Mason Jar lights - just wrap a yarn design around the jar before painting (remove after paint dries), so, once you add a candle or solar bulb, the light will shine through! Can also put stickers or rubber bands around the jar before painting to make designs! (Dishfunctional Designs)
a white card with flowers on it sitting next to a vase and two silver coins
Spray paint of fake flowers. #OMG This is such a cheap and easy project :)
the instructions for how to make t - shirt bags
How To Make A No Sew T-Shirt Tote Bag In 10 Minutes
Eco friendly Tshirt up cycle to bag
how to make an origami flower out of paper
DIY Tutorial DIY Origami / DIY Origami Flower Box - Bead&Cord
DIY Origami Flower Box DIY Origami DIY Craft
pink paper flowers are arranged on a white table
flowers made from hearts -- beautiful!
the process to make a heart shaped vase with yarn and scissors on it, is shown in
Love this!!! Could do other shapes too...
the steps to make an orange flower wreath with scissors and tape on top of it -&nbspbitchinrants Resources and Information.
DIY Easy felt flower - could put on Christmas wreath. And felt is super cheap