This lighting features in the Sipopo Congress Center by Tabanlioglu Architects. It's an interesting way to seamlessly incorporate lighting into a feature wall, enhancing its purpose a focal point.

Inside / outside

Jodlowa House / PCKO - sun room dining room with chandalier and natural light

white and gray

Love the gray walls! Ummm yeh the grey walls are nice but damn look at that ceiling! I love love super love this room. Who says u can't put grey in a room, not Rosie! Love it


The indoor glass waterfall is a modern take on having a water feature in the house. Many Middle Eastern homes feature the soothing sounds of water in their dwellings.


Designer I Admire: Paris designer Jean-Louis Deniot : " French Classical Interior Design for the Modern World Come with me to see Jean.

Dreamlike modern contemporary design this home is truly a dream home for anyone who loves modern design all the elements of wood and steel and glass just a true dream home