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Frog on a lily pad craft

Make a fun, bouncy frog on a lily pad craft using our printable template. This is a simple and fun craft idea for kids, perfect for a rainy afternoon!


My students love playing with dice. They both have fun and practice their vocabulary. This dice is about some of the farm animals, you can cut it out and stick to make a dice then play however you wish. - ESL worksheets

Animal Walks Movement Cards - Brain Breaks, Self-Regulation, Sensory Break

Animal Themed Brain/Movement Breaks!Contains 19 different animal themed breaks. There are 20 cards as there is a double up on Emu/Ostrich for American and Australian/New Zealander buyers. This product can be used on its own independent from any other resource or in conjunction with any behavior/soci...

DIY Dipped Stitching Boards for Kids

These DIY Dipped Stitching Boards are the perfect boredom-buster! Made with wood boards and bright colors, they will keep little hands busy all winter long!

Free Printable Sewing Cards for Kids

You will soon find out that these Free Printable Sewing Cards for Kids aren't just fun for the little ones. This free printable paper craft also helps children develop their fine motor skills and learn a new ability. Knowing how to sew, even just a little bit, is immensely helpful in life. These sewing projects for kids get them one step closer to being able to sew buttons on shirts or mending a hole. Your free printables also come with instructions on how to use a stitching card and what…


Pediatric Yoga: Benefits for the Mind Body, and Soul. Includes FREE printable Pediatric Yoga Pose and Instructions!

Yoga Poses For Kids: Printable Body Awareness Cards. Great for Brain Breaks.

A super set of printable cards featuring kids yoga poses. Great for spatial awareness and body control. Perfect for brain breaks or as a mindfulness tool.

3+ Lovely Crochet an Amigurumi Rabbit Ideas

Mesmerizing Crochet an Amigurumi Rabbit Ideas. 3+ Lovely Crochet an Amigurumi Rabbit Ideas.

Yoga for Kids + Free Printable

As a kid, I was rough on my body. There's a scar on my foot from the time I attempted to slam the door in my sister's face...and forgot to move my foot out of

Patrones de vestidos para muñecas barbie a crochet - Crochetisimo

La muñeca Barbie es una de las mejores vestidas desde hace varias décadas! Hoy te ofrecemos esta hermosa colección de vestidos fantásticos tejidos a crochet,cada uno es una obras de arte, realizados para cada ocasión. Visita nuestra galería de puntos crochet para ampliar tu nube de ideas: https://www.crochetisimo.com/search/label/Puntos%20en%20crochet


Fabulous Crochet a Little Black Crochet Dress Ideas. 2+ Georgeous Crochet a Little Black Crochet Dress Ideas.

Супер-идеи по лепке из пластилина | ДЕТСКИЕ ПОДЕЛКИ

Супер-идеи по лепке из пластилина