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three mason jars filled with candy and yellow striped straws that say thanks for helping me shine
9 Simple and Meaningful Teacher Christmas Presents for This Holiday Season - Fun-Attic
three pieces of brown paper with writing on them
Kiitoskortti eskariopelle
♣ Yhdessä eskarilaisen kanssa askarreltu kortti kiitokseksi ja muistoksi opettajalle. ♣ Tarvikkeet korttipohja koristepaperi liimaa leimasinkirjaimia + muste musta tussi ♣ Piirrä koristepaperille o…
two cards with white paper cut out of them on a blue background, one has hearts and the other has an ornament that says happy valentine's day
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20+ Adorable DIY Father's Day Craft Ideas
a mason jar filled with legos sitting on top of a wooden table
10 Super Cool DIY Father's Day Gift Ideas From Kids