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Celtic Cross

I loved this celtic cross the first time I saw it and the brilliant creator (Candy from EyeCandy Chainmaille) provided the pattern, rings and mentoring to help me make it !

35 Unique Nail Designs | Cuded

Lace patterns are inherently romantic and have a rich history. Take a look at these Fashionable Lace Nail Art Designs. Use your imagination to create your own lace nail art right now.

This handy website lets you see how your room will look with different paint colors.

This is good to have before u buy a paint, paint your room, decide you dont like the color and waste time and money in the process. Color my Room Tool from MyColortopia - See your room in different colors BEFORE you buy paint

fun twist for bangs.

How to pull your bangs back into a cute and fun twist to get them out of the way! Cute twist for short hair Quicker than french braiding bangs to the side.–Um okay, that was easy; definitely doing this.

Reminder: feelings are not absolutely true. Feelings come from thoughts-- you can control them. Remember, your soul is in the heart of God now-- you cannot be shaken. The only thing the devil can toy with now are your emotions-- he knows that he can't shake your foundation, and he hates you because of that. Don't bend to him. Remember where you stand.

Your worst battle is between what you know and what you feel. We need to remember there is a battle going on for our minds. Take every thought captive and change your mind.