Asioita heposista.
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the diagram shows how to draw a horse's body in different poses and positions
read this little article about the position of the saddle. it is really important that it is put on properly!
two horses running across a dry grass field under a cloudy blue and pink sky with clouds
789 - photo: peter holme iii
a brown horse standing in a field full of red flowers with clouds above it and grass below
by Zoltán Túri / 500px
This is Beautiful ♡...re-pinned by StoneArtUSA.com ~ affordable custom pet memorials for everyone
a brown horse with a bridle on it's head standing in the woods
Liptus 1999-88J
Finnhorse stallion Liptus
two horses graze in the fog at night
All Things Finnish
photo by Pirjo Koistinen
a brown horse with blonde hair standing in front of a green field and some trees
Pilsner 1388-07
Is there a horse under that hair? Finnhorse stallion Pilsner.
a man riding on the back of a horse drawn carriage down a dirt road next to a field
Black and White Photos of Daily Life in Finland in 1941
Black and White Photos of Daily Life in Finland in 1941 - Finnish horse
a horse standing in the middle of a forest with grass and trees on both sides
Finnhorse:country of origin - Finland | average height ca. 155 cm (under 147 cm for pony type) | colours - predominantly chestnut, bay/brown, black, rarely dilutes (dun, cream, silver), grey, pinto patterns (sabino, splash white)
a person riding on the back of a brown horse in an open field with dust behind them
#horse #equestrian #love #quote
a horse that is standing in the grass with a quote on it's back
In riding a horse, we borrow freedom. SSSOOO true!!
a close up of a horse's face with the words, when nothing goes right, go left
Horses quotes
an image of a man on a horse with the caption forget prince charming i will just take the horse
Forget Prince Charming, I will just take the horse
funny horse e cards - Google Search
a man riding on the back of a brown horse next to a green sign that says never give up on something that you can't go away without thinking about
Ride Challenge v2
The Ride Challenge — The ultimate goal achievement and horse training program designed exclusively for equestrian women.