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to speed up a tufting project, use a drill and screw to create the tufts and glue the button on top, instead of threading a button through the headboard

An update on my DIY Tufting Technique. I realized that I could completely bypass the whole threading-a-button-through-the-headboard-holes thing by just carefully screwing a wide-headed screw down in through the hole I had made in the foam.

How to make a baby gate. This is awesome for renters (assuming you can drill into the wall) because it doesn't require anchor screws in the floor like other DIY gates I've looked at. This would definitely be my diy choice until we buy a house and can drill in the floor.

Custom Baby Gate How To. Welcome TLC Party People. :) This is strictly a guide to how we constructed our custom baby gate.

Dutch door diy using a hollow core door-1

Find a step-by-step tutorial for a dutch door tutorial using a hollow core door! It works great a baby gate or keeping pets out of certain areas.


Start Over Lower-Level Living Room Cabinets lining the basement media room conceal components without looking bulky. The lower-level living room has a youthful, casual style. Touches of chocolate brown, soft grey and cream dominate the space.

Scandinavian Boy's Bedroom | via The Boo and the Boy blog | House & Home

As my friend (and new interior design client) starts thinking about transitioning her two-year-old to a big boy bed (baby is due in August), we’ve been exploring cute non-crib rooms for kids. I have a lot of photos of … Continue reading →