Practice finding area with this game!

Dice: Teach area in math. Shared by Eilleen Kalman from Mishawaka School Corporation (NW Roundtable) Maybe instead of perimeter, I can have the student to multiply the dice and use the answer as their area of a rectangle?

This is a list of the ordinal numbers in Spanish and English from 1-20, created…

Ordinal Numbers in Spanish and English (Dual Language)

Ordinal numbers in Spanish & English from created for use in the dual language or Spanish language classroom ~ Chintomby Chintomby Bellak

Chevron Classroom Supply Labels, not the ones I'm using but love them

Chevron Classroom Supply Labels

These can be used with ELLs, along with the words for these items in their language. This will make the classroom inclusive for all students and make these items easy to find for all students.

Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics Unit for kids!

Rio Welcomes the World - 2016

Every four years the Summer Olympics are held. In they will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In this unit, students will not only learn about the Olympics, but about Rio too! Students will learn about the history of the Olympics and where they are held.