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Lake Baikal | Trek Siberia | Tour of Mongolia | Gobi Desert Trek | Nomadic Expeditions

Trek Mongolia & discover the beauty of the Gobi Desert & Siberia's Lake Baikal on this journey. Explore the full itinerary.

“Mount Khan” attraction in Holingol, Inner Mongolia

architectureofdoom: Terracotta Mongolian Warriors and a statue of Genghis Khan are seen at the recently completed Mount Khan tourist attraction in Holingol, Inner Mongolia, China.

Mongolian Steppe. Nature at its most simplest. Beautiful!

NatGeo: Best Wallpapers 2012 - Horses, Mongolian Steppe Photograph by Mark Leong, National Geographic An ocean of green, Mongolia is the most sparsely populated country in the world, with just under three million people in a landmass larger than Alaska.