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a woman with long hair wearing a necklace
Raquel Welch 1973
a woman in a wedding dress holding a bouquet
Black Tie Botanic Garden Wedding
Black Tie Botanic Garden Wedding: | Photography: Three Nails -
a woman sitting on top of a wooden bench next to a white tent with the caption i have a woman's body and a child's emotions elizabeth taylor
1955– A young and nubile Elizabeth Taylor on the set of “Giant”– shortly after having her 2nd child.
an old photo of a woman wearing a dress and necklace with her hand on her hip
young Elisabeth Taylor
a woman in an orange shirt with a quote from elizabeth taylor on her chest and the words pour yourself a drink put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together
Teenagers and Young Adults: Age 21
a woman in a bathing suit kneeling on the beach with her hands behind her head
Marilyn Monroe Rare photo
a woman in a bodysuit is walking through a room with long hair on her back
Belle vere -
Whats wrong with Vogue US? Vogue Italia is loving on the plus size models...and its high fashion and it is amazing.
black and white photograph of a woman wearing a hat with her hand to her mouth
Marilyn Monroe and James Dean Classic Hollywood, Old Hollywood, Hollywood, Foto Vintage, Movie Stars, Film
Marilyn Monroe and James Dean
an old photo of a woman wearing a dress and necklace with her hand on her hip
Elizabeth Taylor
a black and white photo of a woman leaning against a wooden wall with her arm on the side
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Ashley Judd
an old photo of a woman holding a cell phone
Barbara Stanwyck, 1929.