Aika hieno kuva

Photo Milky Way over Spencer Bay, Moosehead Lake, Maine by Aaron Priest on Art and Photography

Liatris punctata	- Gayfeather - Native to the western short grass prairies of the Great Plains and foothills of CO and NM, Liatris punctata is the most xeric of our Gayfeather species. Deep rooted and long lived, this species is the best choice for xeriscapes where it can be planted with Zinnia grandiflora, and Agastache rupestris for a superb late-summer, flowering display. Grows in a wide range of soils, including dry clay. Zones 4-8. 3" deep Standard pot.

(Liatris punctata) Gayfeather Prairie Blazing Star is the most drought tolerant of the genus and blooms in late summer with showy lavender-pink flower spikes. The roots have been documented to grow to depths of 14 feet into the prairie soils.