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Resources | Farmer's Footprint

Soil & Seasons

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Nocturnal Animal Flashcards

Animals & Classification

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Fabulous Food Chains: Crash Course Kids #7.1 - YouTube
This butterfly life cycle poster makes a perfect, no-prep supplement to your science unit study. The short passage introduces key terms without being overwhelming. Print 2 to 4 to a page to save paper and to make just the right size for interactive notebooks. These make a perfect supplement to your read alouds and science videos.CLICK HERE to find this resource in the Life Cycles Poster Set!Terms of Use Copyright  Project Based Learning with Elle Madison. All rights reserved by the author. This

Life Cycles & Food Chains

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Habitats & Ecosystems

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Force & Motion

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Science - Light - Transparent, Translucent, Opaque and Reflective Poster
Alternative Energy Anchor Chart
Energy Anchor Charts- DIY- Growing Bundle-

Light & Energy

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Spice up your science class with these engaging worksheets! 🌟 Boost learning with interactive activities that make studying states of matter a blast! 💥 #ScienceIsFun #STEMEducation #HandsOnLearning #funstatesmatter

States of Matter

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Clouds & Weather

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Met een zuignap. Kls kunnen het bord dan omdraaien. De ene kant een zon. Andere kant een maan. Dag & nachtkalender!

Earth & Moon

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BEES... Earth's Best Friend by Janis Davidson's Primary Printables
Teaching plant life cycle? Check out these creative and easy ways to teach your students about growing a seed in the classroom.


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First Grade Wow: There's something in the water!

Water Cycle

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two children playing with stick raft building in an outdoor water play area that is blue and has text overlay
soil layers worksheet for kids to help students learn how to draw and color
Resources | Farmer's Footprint
an image of different types of animals
Nocturnal Animal Flashcards
Nocturnal Animal Flashcards
an illustrated poster with different types of birds and their names on it's sides
a poster with an elephant and giraffe in front of a thermometer
Miss Spratt
an image of the amphibians poster
Animal Groups and Diets
an image of a fish and some other things in the water with words below it
Animal Groups and Diets
an image of reptiles with different types of animals and plants in the background
Miss Spratt
This set of flashcards includes colourful photographs of vertebrates that include mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, and reptiles. Each flashcard also includes some fun facts for children to learn about different groups of vertebrates. Types Of Turtles, Vertebrates And Invertebrates, Vertebrates
Vertebrates Flashcards
an image of space words in english and spanish with pictures of planets, stars, and other objects
the plant life cycle is shown on a piece of paper with words and pictures attached to it
33 Free Plant Life Cycle Activities That Grow the Learning Fun
Teaching plant life cycle? Check out these creative and easy ways to teach your students about growing a seed in the classroom.
the collage shows different types of dinosaurs and other things that are in their habitat
16 Dinosaur Play Worlds and Sensory Bins for Preschool
the instructions to make an octopus toilet paper roll craft for kids are shown in this screenshot , El İşleri Ve Örgü Modelleri - En Güzel Oyalar, Dantel, Lif Modelleri örnekleri Için
a poster describing photosyntheism and its effects on the plant's growth
the parts of a plant with pictures
The Plants Pack - Resources for Teachers and Educators
a weather poster with words and pictures
Weather Vocabulary: Useful Words to Describe Weather • 7ESL
four different seasons are shown in this poster
Seasons Vocabulary in English | Woodward English
a paper plate filled with strips of brown tape on top of a white and blue plate
Nest Craft for preschool and toddler students
Детские поделки в школу или в садик Basteln Mit Kindern, Basteln, Childrens Crafts, Kinder, Easy Crafts, Kids Art Projects, Montessori Crafts, Spring Crafts For Kids
Поделки ко всемирному дню птиц
a horse and its foal are in the stable coloring page for kids to color
Horse coloring book page
a drawing of a horse with orange manes
Поделка + раскраска "Лошадки" | Ігри для дітей, дидактичні матеріали для занять у дитячому садочку, поробки та розфарбовки | Зростай розумним!
many colorful paper fans are arranged on the wall in front of children's drawings
a drawing of a bird with the letter e on it's back and side
several swans are displayed on the wall in front of hooks