Katri Wahlberg

Katri Wahlberg

Katri Wahlberg
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This mean i have been in love 2 times and i am only in my teens wow am i in trouble. At least the person who falls in love with me will know that i am loyal.

what some people are probally thinking after this awww or my relationship is gonna end what im kinda thinking right now eww hurl spit vomit bleehh Yep I'm Definately in love I've liked him for almost 4 years

In reality

This is making me cry cause it's true I was called stupid by a popular person who I've wanted to be friends with he called me stupid said it was luck that I got into my acceleration class he doesn't know how much that hurt If he read what I though or keep


pinners beware: The Awesome Power of Photoshop! (Yeah seriously guys stop posting mythical animals and people's heads on the wrong bodies, it is not hard to spot a photoshop job if you use your brain) Weird!

that kiss was the best thing shed ever experienced. nothing ever even came close and thats what made it so painful- thats what broke her heart