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a blue tool box with utensils in it sitting on the ground next to a fence
Make a Rolling Kitchen Cart From an Old Filing Cabinet
#contest Materials: Secondhand filing cabinetSpray metal primer2 cans spray paintTwo rolling casters and two locking castersA cutting board or piece of butcher block that’s at least the size of the top of your filing cabinetTwo inexpensive horizontal towel racks Tools: Mineral spirits or sticker removerElectric drill1⁄8” and 1⁄16” drill bits24 1⁄8” bolts, 1/2 - 1” long24 1⁄8” nuts4 #8 short screwsWashers (if necessary)
before and after pictures of an outdoor kitchen
It turns out those grill tops for outdoor kitchens are a fortune. This is a much more afforable option that serves the same purpose and looks nice.
two wooden benches sitting next to each other on top of a gravel ground with flowers in the background
10 Simple DIY Pallet Bench Designs | Wooden Pallet Furniture
a bed made out of wooden blocks sitting on top of gravel next to a potted plant
DIY Outdoor Seating
Lena Sekine: * * * DIY Outdoor Seating * * * inexpensive cinder block bench