Mika Keijonen

Mika Keijonen

Mika Keijonen
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Photo: Frank Meyl

award-winning advertising photographer and art photographer frank meyl shoots advertising photo assignments worldwide in the field of people, lifestyle, automotive, architecture and landscape

Photo: Paul Russell http://www.paulrussell.info/

Interview with street photographer Paul Russell, In-Public member featured in the book Street Photography Now.

Photo by Joey L. http://www.joeyl.com/ Like most of the residents in the Omo Valley, Balo does not directly count her age in years, but knows she was born during a harvest. When s...

Portrait photographer Joey L’s personal fine art work includes images of the Holy Men of Varanasi India, the tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley, Halloween in Brooklyn, Tanna Island Vanuatu and the Mentawai of Siberut Indonesia.

personal work - joey l

Akeri, Karo Tribe, Lower Omo Valley, Ethiopia Akeri patrols the Western side of the Omo River. The Nyangatom live on the other side, a tribe that has raided Karo land many times in the past. © JOEY L