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an image of a house that is on the app
Gallery of Gedda House / Mustafá Bucar Arquitetura - 3
the side of a building that has been made out of bricks and is next to a window
an empty building with a bench in front of it
an empty hallway between two white brick buildings
Featured Project - Krause Emperor Bricks in Ghost Grey — Krause Bricks
an empty courtyard with brick walls and steps
EPSC Residence by Davidov Architects & Hecker Guthrie – Project Feature - The Local Project
an empty concrete walkway leading to a building with trees and flowers in the foreground
HOME VV – Work – Francisca Hautekeete – architect Gent
a white brick building with two black doors
Wingene (BE) - Aspero A1003 DL50 (Ploegsteert) 2019 | Steenfabriek De Rijswaard
an exterior view of a building with wooden slats on the side and grass in front
Wasserstrich Special Grijs
two cars parked in front of a modern house
He Left (Tk Mini Series)
a large white building with lots of windows on it's sides and stairs leading up to the second floor
Incredible modern dwelling in the countryside: Villa in Děčín
a car is parked in front of a house
the modern house is located on top of a grassy hill
Modern Houses
an exterior view of a modern house overlooking a lake
Virchowstraße – Axthelm Rolvien
an empty building with plants in front of it
Francisca Hautekeete – architect Gent
two black mailboxes on the side of a concrete wall
Malvern – Lump Sculpture Studio
a black building with the words legend villa on it's side and an image of a cactus next to it
legenda VILLA by YORK
the black house is surrounded by grass and gravel
legenda VILLA by YORK
a black brick building sitting next to a lush green forest on top of a gravel covered field
legenda VILLA by YORK
an empty walkway between two black buildings with lights on each side and trees in the background
Exploring the Mystical Relationship Between Architecture and Light - Architizer Journal
a white box sitting in the middle of a cement area next to a tall building
Patrick Verbruggen
the house is surrounded by trees and bushes, with an awning over it's entrance
the house is made out of concrete and has large windows
a brick building sitting next to a lush green field
a living room filled with furniture and a large window covered in wooden slats on top of a hard wood floor