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the bedtime routine for babies and toddlers is shown in this info sheet, which includes
11 Newborn Hacks for Brand New Mothers
a poster with the words, sample feeding and sleep schedule for 9 - 12 month olds
Baby Feeding Schedules - 6 to 24 Months - Solid Starts
Infant and toddler feeding schedules by month, including schedules for 6 month olds, 9 month olds, 12 months, and older.
an info sheet describing how to wear winter clothes for kids and toddlers in the cold weather
Layering for Winter
Layering for Winter – Ella's Wool
a baby's body with the words, behavior to watch for and instructions on it
Raising, Parents, Play, Newborn Baby Care, Newborn Baby Tips, Newborn Activities
50+ things to do with your 0-3 month old baby | Life With Isabelle
a poster with instructions on how to use sleep regresss for children and adults
Baby Sleep Regression | How to Survive it With 5 Tips
27 Helpful Charts for Breastfeeding Moms - LoveLiliya