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an aerial view of a house in the woods with couches, tables and chairs
5 Amazing small House Concepts With Roof-Top Terraces
39 Amazing Tiny Houses With Roof-Top Terraces
a small house with solar panels on the roof and patio area, surrounded by green grass
an image of a building that is made out of wood and metal with glass doors
a house made out of shipping containers on top of a hill with trees in the background
a house made out of shipping containers with couches and chairs on the outside deck
an artist's rendering of a house with balconies
Shipping Container World
colorful shipping containers are lined up on the side of a road with stairs leading to them
Eco-friendly Shipping Container Hotel
an aerial view of a garden with steps leading up to the entrance and green grass
Custom Earth-Sheltered Architecture | Sustainable Building Services - BuildUnderground
Container House Plans | Architects | Love Container Homes| Let's Design your shipping container home
an outdoor living area with wooden decking and sliding glass doors
a man standing on top of a wooden box next to a large metal object in the middle of a dirt field
Shipping Container Makes an Amazing Underground Shelter/Wine Cellar
Shipping container- bomb shelter, wine cellar, root cellar... …