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a man singing into a microphone while standing next to another man with a guitar in front of him
Drake Milligan is Called 'The New Elvis of Country' With 'Sounds Like Something I'd Do' | Drake Milligan is Called 'The New Elvis of Country' With 'Sounds Like Something I'd Do' | By World Best Talent | Ready boys? Staying too long at the honky tonk spending too much just to Taiwan on less riding a lot more on sounds like something I do Called the next horizon sounds like something I do get it pushing native you up and later maybe Sounds like some I never had a I ain't the kind of settle down and Sounds like something Whoo. Thank you very much. That's pretty good. That's original, right? I guess there it is. I think that song is a hit. Thank you. And I think that you're a hit. You're like the new Elvis of Country. I think you're going to break out from this particular song this particular moment on this particular night. I also love that you guys are a band. We don't have a lot of bands yet you know this season so I think you are perfect for America's Got Talent. Perfect combination. The song was amazing. You are amazing and I think America's going to go crazy. The girls are going crazy. Sometimes when we get bands on the show for whatever reason, it just really honestly does sound like a mess from the minute it starts with you. It was the opposite. I think this performance should make a difference to what you're doing because people are going to like you. The song was really, really good as well. It was really authentic. That's what I liked about it because I know so much about country music. Listen. For me, a good song is a good song and everything worked. Everything. Today and you're very likable. We haven't got to know the rest of you yet but I'm sure you are. They are. Yeah. Okay. Right, we're going to vote. Howie? Yes. That means you got four yeses. Congratulations. Oh my gosh. He's a star and that song is going to be a hit. I bet they're going to go to the finale. What does this mean to you right now? Man, this is odd. This is like everything I've been dreaming since since I was a kid, man. I've been dreaming to stand on that stage and we got four yeses, man. I'm shocked right now. I can't believe it. Now I've got things to and you can never hurt me I can't get up too fast all it took was once and never be the taking back my life to nothing left that you can because you are never going to take the blame.
a man singing into a microphone with his mouth open
Luke Combs - Beer Never Broke My Heart (Official Video)
Luke Combs - Beer Never Broke My Heart (Official Video)