Secondary Emotions: sometimes when we are angry there are other emotions under the surface.

Anger Iceberg

All anger (in adults & children alike is unexpressed pent up emotions & feelings)Understanding & identifying the hidden drivers to start to deal with this extreme fight or flight response. The anger iceberg.

How to teach correct pencil grip - with the fun alligator trick! | Sight and Sound Reading

How to teach a child to hold a pencil correctly: The Alligator Trick

How to teach correct pencil grip - with the fun alligator trick! Good advice for me to use with my kindergartener & for her little red headed sisters!

Middle School: Ice breaker

What's On Your Mind?

What's on your mind? Is a terrific way to get to know your students + these make an easy and awesome bulletin board too!Great activity for the first week of school and a nice ice breaker for students to get to know their new classmates. by jo

Autism in the Classroom: Sensory- Movement Breaks

Autism in the Classroom: Sensory- Movement Breaks. Teachers find that some children with disabilities need more breaks from the normal classroom activities than the typical child.

Frozen Learning Pack for Toddlers & PreK: Free Printable

Free FROZEN Learning Pack for Toddlers & PreK

Aktivity k pohádce Ledové království/This Frozen Learning Pack from Totschooling is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who love the Disney movie Frozen. This is a fun pack with 36

Matematiikkapeli: Heitä noppaa ja rakenna

Throw dice and build a math game. You can use one or 2 dice. and Duplos, Legos or Linking Cubes.

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