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Maistuva voileipäkakku kinkku-tuo­re­juus­to­täyt­teel­lä

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Scandinavian Shellfish Cake (Skaldjurstårta ) By Eva _ Wonderfully tasty & delicious seafood cake with smoked salmon, prawns, shrimp, & lumpfish roe or caviar. Ideal as a starter, or flick on the buffet table.

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Italialainen voileipäkakku

The idea to making these sandwich cakes is to create layers of bread with delicious fillings of cream cheese, greek yoghurt, double thick creams etc. in combination with other sandwich fillings, recipes are on other of my pins for ideas.

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Feb 8 Savory swedish sandwich cake - Smörgåstårta

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When I first moved to Sweden from the US 11 years ago, I knew right away that I would have to adjust my palate and start eating traditional Swedish food. One of the first traditional Swedish foods I tried is called smorgastarta (smur-gos-tor-ta),.

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