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Nerd — He was the hottest in prisoner of azkaban

Part Harry Potter as the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher He would've been great as the DADA teacher, but Harry got it into his young head that auror would be the job of his dreams, and didn't think to change it.

I'd be in it! Seriously there is such an opportunity to get ahead of purebloods. Magic is energy right? So is electricity. Take ancient runes and arithmacy and figure out the conversion and boom you now have proven muggles are more progressive than purebloods.

Being a Muggleborn Wizard, I would so make a club. Hermione could be my vice-president. We could have Pokemon games and have fandom battles and have a secret stash of ballpoint pens in our trunks.


The Marauders and McGonagall. I don't quite understand the "queerness" bit with Remus.but a sweet post nonetheless<<<I luv mcgonagall why can't I have a teacher like her