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Independence Day - Food Edition

This is mostly about 2 things; a 21 course dinner and Finnish "kahvit". Coffee table.
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Restaurant at Meadowood - St. Helena - Chef Christopher Kostow Stealthily Masters Napa Valley - Bon Appétit
Maitake, ginger and mint. Cold-weather comfort by Chef @shergatt! #theartofplating #gastroart #food #foodie #foodart #foodpic #edibleart #foodphoto #foodphotography #foodphotographer #instafood #gastrogram #gourmet #gastronomy #nyc #nyceats #nycdining #nycfoodphotographer #signebirckphotography #coldweatherfood Maitake, ginger and mint. Cold-weather comfort by Chef @shergatt! #theartofplating #gastroart #food #foodie #foodart #foodpic #edibleart #foodphoto #foodphotography #foodphotographer #ins


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set the table

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Coccinelles !!

Aperitif and hors-d'œuvre, amuse bouche, canapes, appetizers

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White as Springtime Snow | BitterSweet
Goddess Food: Soup garnishes
Spicy Parsnip and Apple Soup


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Danish farmed pike perch (zander) is safe to be eaten raw without freezing it first
Awesome ways to turn paleo/ primal food into something special for parties! A swan egg
A different amuse bouche every night at @Beach House Turks and Caicos - this is the cauliflower cheese mousse.


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Mannerheimin kuhaa (paistettu filee piparjuurivoin kera)
Merluza negra fish cooked sous vide with artichoke hearts cream, sea air and black olive powder.
Torskryggen serveras med en len jordärtskockspuré som innehåller potatis för att den inte ska bli för dominant i smaken. Det brynta smöret är en god ersättning för sås. Forellrommen står för sältan och rödbetschipsen bidrar med gott crunch.


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Winter White Salad - La Crema
Winter White Salad Recipe | Bon Appétit


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Savoyn Vorschmack | Liha | Soppa365
Poronkäristys kastikkeella


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blueberry martini jello shot by bionicgrrrl, via Flickr
Gin and Tonic Jelly: This is so far from being the sort of jelly you'd expect at a children's party as can be imagined! The white currant decoration may be unavailable, but what matters is the drink-made-dessert itself!
bowl of cool, frosty mint sorbet.

Palate cleanser

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Hirven jääpaisti | Maku
Jääpaisti hirvestä


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Jacob Kenedy shows us how to perfectly roast a pheasant. Great for a dinner party or special occasion
Metso, Tetrao urogallus - Linnut - LuontoPortti
Roast pheasant with bread sauce, game chips and juniper gravy


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LOL, DAMN! « Page 8 of 1963 « Funny picture and Awesome Quotes.
Päärynästä pyöreyttä hedelmäiselle sellerisoseelle /// Meheville hirvipullille piti tekaista kaveriksi jotain juurespohjaista. Mutta minkähän mukulan sitä valitsisi?!  Valinta osui lopulta varsin vähälle käytölle jääneeseen juuri- eli mukulaselleriin, …


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Butterfly pea Risotto...chiken wrapped noodles...foam by chef Wuttisak on IG #plating #gastronomy
Pasta from Osteria L
Norwegian Rømmegrøt. Rømme is basically sourcream or creme fraiche... and you make this dish by cooking the sourcream and whisking into it flour (ordinary white flour). So it's a bit like semolina, but... sour? And it's eaten with sugar and cinnamon, and the butter that was separated from the sourcream when it was heated. I can't wrap my head around this... I suppose I'd need to taste it.


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Ihanan narskuva leipäjuusto onnistuu myös tavallisessa uunissa. Tärkeintä on kunnon valutus ja paistaminen, joka antaa juustolle kauniit pilkut.
Savory Swiss Cheesecake


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Hemsley + Hemsley share their recipe for a healthier take on terrine
Bara någon dag efter att jag publicerade vinterns officiellt sista recept – ugnsrostad morotssoppa – så kickade våren igång på riktigt. Så härligt! Det passade perfekt in i min receptplanering dessutom, eftersom jag redan hade förberett den här våriga historien: mjukt kokta svartrötter med massor av citron, nötiga belugalinser, sesamfräst svartkål med en touch av tamari...


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fluffy egg white omelette
(37) Hot-Cold Soft-boiled Egg from Chef Alain Passard - YouTube


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Carpaccio de noix de Saint-Jacques et pomme de terre vitelotte - Recettes de cuisine Ôdélices
Tartare d’huîtres avec les dernières Saint-Jacques de Trouville, champignons de Paris
Ajo blanco with celeriac, langoustines and blueberries | Foodpairing / blog

Äyriäiset ja nilviäiset (yrjöäiset ja ällöäiset)

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Chefsplateform on Instagram: “• Lemon ricotta gnocchi in garlic and thyme butter with fried chanterelles, wild herbs, chanterelle espuma and parmesan • By…”
DiningFinely on Instagram: “Matsutake Mushroom: Four Story Hill Farm Sweetbread, Smoked Vinegar _________________________________________ By Chefs Neil Stetz and…”
Vinegar meringue dressed with greens by Dominique Crenn of Atelier Crenn, San Francisco. Photo courtesy of Ed Anderson.


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Suolainen jäädykekakku on juhlava tarjottava ruokaisassa noutopöydässä, alkupalana tai voileipäkakun tilalla. Tämä resepti on kiertänyt monissa juhlissamme ja tällä on herkuteltu myös juhannuksena. Kakusta voi tehdä myös leivoksia kahvikuppeihin tai pieniin silikonimuotteihin. Tänä vuonna valmistin kakun jo hyvissä ajoin aattoa odottamaan. Jäädykekakun pääraaka-aineet, kylmäsavulohi ja mäti, ovat lähtemätön osa jouluherkutteluamme toki muussakin olomuodossa, mutta mukaan […]

Cold Cuts - Buffet Froid

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Sailor Moon Desserts Crystal | Creme de Menthe Gelato for Ami
Heinrich Schneider's stunning ice cream recipe might look more like an alien landscape than an Italian dessert, but rest assured this sophisticated dish delivers formidably on flavour, too. Milk skin adds soft texture, while the combination of birch ice cream, black bean pesto sweetened with honey and plum seed oil and a smooth disc of spiced sesame cream results in a striking colour palette for a memorable end to a dinner party menu.
This beautiful layered dessert is reminiscent of deep blue oceans ...


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Lihariisipasteijat - Reseptit
The savoury: a course to endorse | Dessert | The Guardian
Good Savouries


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baby apple - pair granny smith with blue cheese for an aperitif
blue and white


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Birch Branch - SOMA chocolatemaker
Fäviken Restaurant in Sweden
"A wooden box filled with tar pastilles, meadow sweet candy, anise seeds coated in crystallised honey and bees wax, dried arctic angelica, dried black currants"


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Limoncello prosecco with blueberries and thyme. The perfect summer cocktail.
Blueberry Basil Bourbon Cocktail with Blueberries, Basil, Sugar, Bourbon, Club Soda.


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