Kukkapalvelu Freesi Vantaa

Kukkapalvelu Freesi Vantaa

Ruskeasanta, Vantaa / Kukkien sidontatöitä tilauksesta, vuosien ammattitaidolla ja suurella sydämellä. maria@kukkapalvelufreesi.fi p. 040 718 2822
Kukkapalvelu Freesi Vantaa
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Who knew the rainbow tasted so chocolatey? This fudge is extra fun and just the dish for your next birthday party!

Recipe with video instructions: Who knew the rainbow tasted so chocolatey? Ingredients: 3 cups sugar, cup unsalted butter, cup half and half cream, 12 ounces white chocolate chips,

Festas "handmade" do jeito que nossas mães faziam! #ficanocoracao

Put these balloons with candy bags as weights on the children's table at the reception. Use candy bags with color coordinating candy as ballon weights for table centerpiece. Allow kids to take the ballon and candy bag (doggie bag) home.

Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Pops

Make mini ice cream sandwich pops - covered in sprinkles, they will surely delight little ones looking for a quick, summer treat!

50 Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas | Homemade Recipes | http://homemaderecipes.com/50-kids-birthday-party-food-ideas/

As hard as you tried to avoid it, you were put on the list for veggie tray. Well bring your veggie tray with a bang, and put the vegetables in their own cups with ranch. Not only is the portion size great, but keeping the dressing separate keeps it from g