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a wok filled with noodles and meat on top of a table next to silver cups
35 Times People Achieved Perfection In Food (New Pics)
two glasses filled with orange juice sitting on top of a table next to each other
Night time drink
three chocolate brownies on a white plate
a white bowl filled with rice, corn and lettuce on top of a wooden table
a plate with bread, eggs and bacon on it
two tacos in a wooden bowl with lime wedges on the side and salsa
the cutting board has several different fruits and vegetables on it
Girl life. Girly. Manifestation. Self love. That girl. Health
two plates with sandwiches on them sitting on a table
Bagel sandwich 🥯
Bagel Sandwich, tomato, lettuce, chicken, Strawberry, watermelon, fruit salad, clean food snacks, clean food breakfast, easy camping food ideas, summer meals, spring dinner ideas, easy summer dinners healthy, fruit platter
there are many sushi rolls on the plate with dipping sauce in front of it
chocolate covered blood oranges are sitting on a plate
Chocolate Covered Raspberries💫
pasta with cheese and sauce in a white bowl
Angela Miley on Instagram: "You radiaTOTALLY need to get to @butterfieldnyc to grab the perfect pasta ingredients 🤍Radiatori alla Vodka with Burrata 😋 Absolutely loved this market!! Their burrata paired with homemade vodka sauce was perfection & they have some of the coolest pasta shapes I’ve seen! #thesecarbsdontcount"
a person holding up a slice of pizza in front of a bowl filled with soup
french fries with dip and parsley on top in a black plate, ready to be eaten
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