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a hand is touching an open book with the page number 2 on it, which appears to have been altered
a cup of tea next to a book that says god our home on the cover
the back cover of ten ways to love, written in black and white on a beige background
Love like the Scriptures
Bible Scriptures examples of love! #faith #quoteoftheday #bible #scripture
an open book with some type of text on the page and yellow marker in it
50 Incredibly Dark ‘Cursed Comments’ That May Leave You Laughing Or Staring Wide-Eyed
a list with the words and numbers in each section, including an image of jesus's face
30 Times People Said Something So Wild, Passersby Had To Share It Online (New Pics) in 2024 | Christian bible quotes, Learn the bible, Bible study plans
an open bible with the word god has prepared for him to be able to fulfill his love
So good to get back to mens weekly Bible study
Thank you, Jesus 🙏🏼
an open book with pink ribbon and writing on it, next to two pens and a pen
a cake in a box with writing on the side that says, the bible is meant to be bread for daily use not cake for special occasions
Summer, Aesthetics, Godly Woman, Pink
an open bible with the words, philipps 4 6 - 7 and a red heart
10 Impactful Daily Bible Quotes
10 Impactful Daily Bible Quotes
instagram | keeyyb Dol, School, Dream Life, Study Motivation, Christian, Vida
bible study
instagram | keeyyb
a pink note sitting on top of a table next to a candle