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Sleeping Baby

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Tove Jansson

Tove Jansson August 1914 – 27 June was a Swedish-speaking Finnish novelist, painter, illustrator and comic strip author. Jansson is best known as the author of the Moomin books for children.

Mittens from Finland

Satumetsä-lapaset // Fairy tale forest -mittens, design by Katja Lehtonen


{Finland nice painted box} My dad made one just like this one for my mother as…

Kaikki Suomen presidentit.

All presidents of Finland.

FINLAND: Finnish bast shoes - virsut

Bast Shoes - Finland - Bast shoes are shoes made primarily from bast - fiber from the bark of the linden tree or birch tree- they are a kind of basket woven and fitted to the shape of a foot.

JenniPenni, Finland!

Relax, you're OK. An article on self acceptance and how accepting your flaws is the best and only way to improve upon them.


Should this rather be classified as Finland Oddity? The Egg Man, winner of Should this rather be classified as an oddity? Munamies, the Egg Man and Pomppufiilis, Bouncy Feeling.

Hardback moomins

The Dangerous Journey Tove Jansson ~ originally published 1977 as Den farliga resan reissued in the UK by Sort of Books, 2010 Finland

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