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there is a wall that has many different colored ribbons on it and people are walking in the background
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
woah! plastic chicken wire and weaving...hallway display
this is an image of children's playrooms in different colors and sizes
Kessalao by Masquespacio
Masquespacio have designed the interiors and branding for a Meditteranean take away restaurant named Kessalao, located in Bonn, Germany.
the inside of a restaurant with food on display
Colourful Restaurant Design Tour: 400 Rabbits, London - Bright Bazaar by Will Taylor
Four Hundred Rabbits| Restaurant interiors with pops of bright color in London
a room filled with lots of clutter and toys
Turquoise cabinet toy storage
the interior of a restaurant with tables and chairs painted yellow, blue, and green
Costa Vida Restaurant Interior — Dept of Energy
Constrir es el #ARTE de CReAR Infraestructura... #CReOConstrucciones.
colorful tables and chairs are in front of a wall with pictures on the walls behind them
Cafofo Remobília #19 | Remobília com Patricia Melo
the inside of a restaurant with yellow and white striped flooring, large fish hanging from the ceiling
Bar fast food Ham On Wheels | Bar fast food Ham On Wheels
a restaurant with colorful wood panels on the wall and blue chairs at the tables in front of them
El columpio - Gastronomía y diseño en Madrid - Decoratualma
the interior of a restaurant with multiple tables and chairs in different colors, shapes and sizes
Lighting Design Idea - Wood Crates Painted On The Inside Act As Shades In This Restaurant
TRIAD China designed this new restaurant and bar in Shanghai, and as part of the design they created lighting with shades made out of wood crates.
the inside and outside of a coffee shop with colorful chairs, tables, and shelves
Site Suspended - This site has stepped out for a bit
El concepto ideado por Cadena + Asociados y Héctor Esrawe para la cadena de cafeterías Cielito Querido Café en México ha gustado demasiado al rededor del mundo y varias personas no se han resistido...
an indoor restaurant with colorful tables and chairs
colorful tables and chairs in a restaurant with chandelier
Kahwet Fairuz
Opened next to the Louis Vuitton in Nişantaşı, this restaurant is famous with its fun decoration and Lebanese cuisine.
an outdoor restaurant with colorful lighting and chairs
AD España
a wooden bench sitting next to a wall with two stools on top of it
9 Gorgeous Picket Pallet Bar Ideas to Enjoy Entertaining at Home
I so want this on our balcony! (scheduled via
a table and chairs in front of a wall with a sign that says la guera
TACOMBI a Mexican restaurant in NY * Interiors Interiors Interiors * The Inner Interiorista