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What Haircut Should You Actually Have The undercut. Frenetic and unwieldy, you’re completely unpredictable. You’re the first one to start the party and the last one to leave it. But every up has its down for you, as moodiness can sometimes take its toll. The second you’re sick of this look, you’ll be shaving your head.

I got the undercut. What Haircut Should You Actually Have? Ok this is weird because i've actually been thinking about getting a nape triangle undercut for a while.

Miley Cyrus Accused Of Going Punk With Cropped Hair, But Has She Always Been A Rock Chick At Heart? | Grazia Fashion

Not a Miley fan but what kind of idiots accuse someone of going punk because of a haircut? Didn't the real "Punk Rockers" get their first haircut at one time? Also, who cares?