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Kikka Pesonen

Kikka Pesonen
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Day 82 S-366-LYDoG: I am so grateful for the village people. No, no … not Y.M.C.A. My own personal village people. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I can tell you that this is…

My favorite animal: Giraffes. A new born giraffe is surrounded by its family. The photograph was taken at Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa, just 45 minutes after the mother gave birth Picture: BRENDON JENNINGS / CATERS NEWS

Twitter, White Wolf. Truly amazing!

love dog pretty winter animals cute cold mine life wolf eyes husky beautiful white animal blue blue eyes nature amazing natural ocean sea neon wild pure white wolf beautiful creatures somewhere only we know extraordinário woderfull

I just love Mother's LOVE!

Baby Camel: What do we need to survive in the Jungle? Mama Camel: First we start with our God given talent _long neck. When the Jungle Economy seems intimidating, first, lets look inward "Where did God place us?