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daniel_zitka_08 | Mixed media collage and metal wire on wood
Yana Protasova Dolce and Gabbana FW 2013 #fashion #illustration #evatornadoblog #mycollection


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a black hat is hanging from a wire with tags attached to it's sides
daniel_zitka_08 | Mixed media collage and metal wire on wood
a poster with words written all over it and an eye in the middle, on top of
a drawing of a woman in a dress with an orange and blue design on it
Fashion Illustration: подборка фото модной иллюстрации для вдохновения
Yana Protasova Dolce and Gabbana FW 2013 #fashion #illustration #evatornadoblog #mycollection
an oil painting of jellyfish in the ocean with bubbles on it's surface
Hannah Faith Yata
Surrealism and Visionary art: Hannah Faith Yata
a painting of a hand reaching for an apple tree in the middle of a field
Rafał Olbiński (b1945 Kielce, Poland; based in The USA since 1981)
a collage of different colored images with buildings in the background
Robert Rauschenberg
ARTPOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Street Art, Art Photography, Pop, Pop Art, Photomontage, Graphic, Poster
three different pictures with one woman holding an umbrella
curated contemporary art /// maría aparicio puentes
maria aparicio puentes
an art print with pink flowers and green leaves
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For something that catches the eye for its simplicity, there sure is hell lot of fine strokes in it!!
a collage of words and pictures with the word what i have done on them
What I've Done by Linkin Park - Dadaism
Dadaism - Many words, little colour, black and white art. Materials used - News paper , image cut outs and story parts Aim - To show the main events of what have happened over time like world war 2 and 911 like as you can see with that images and the text. Review - Looking at this i used some of the ideas from this on my Brighton rock project as a part of what i think my version should look like.
a person standing in the water with a newspaper covering their face and hands over his head
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nem lehet a világ összes információját tárolni a fejünkben ezért szelektálni kell amíg a földön élünk
a man's face made up of many different types of papers
A Collection of Portraits on Floppy Disks by Nick Gentry — Colossal
New Floppy Disk Portraits by Nick Gentry
the cover of marcel duchamp's architecture book, archist by marc d'arc
ARCHIST: Illustrations of Famous Art Reimagined as Architecture
© Federico Babina
a black and white drawing of a woman's face
Erwin Blumenfeld Photography
Erwin Blumenfeld Photography